Mellie (thespis_mellie) wrote in uindy,

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Woohoo, a U of I community :)

Hi :) My name is Melissa and I graduated in May of 2003 with an English major / Theatre minor degree. I got married on 6 June 003 and immigrated to the United Kingdom on 11 June 2003 (well, I left the US on the 10th, but didn't get to the UK until the 11th because of the time difference). I start a job at Retford Oaks High School on the second of September.

England is great, but I do miss U of I and all my friends there... it was a happy time in my life :)

Umm... that's all for me! Time to sleep soon.

(I've become such a loser. My philosophy used to be "Anyone who goes to bed on the same day they got up is a quitter!" But lately I have trouble keeping my eyes open past 11pm...)
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