JakieDubs (sirjwayne) wrote in uindy,

Apartment C4

So I got to move in early for RA Training. Well when I got there I met Jeff's brother. Nice guy. They were cleaning the first floor because it was dusty/dirty. So I took my friend Brandan with me to unload it all. So I took it all up to the room only to find out that the beds haven't been constructed. So the room is in shambles (still working on it Greg). So I ran home and did a bunch errands and ate dinner with the family. Came back around 9:45pm for an RA meeting. Slept in the apartment. Well here's the thing I wanted to contact people so I plugged in my computer (took me half an hour cause I put a plug in wrong). Then the network wasn't working NOR was the phone. So today at training I talked to Josh (Apartment RD) and found out yeah they haven't hooked up EITHER of those for our apartment and won't for a few more days. THAT STINKS!!! But other than that it should be a fun time in the apartment. Go U of I!!!!
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