critterknit (critterknit) wrote in uindy,

First Post

To anyone who reads this group regularly -

I'm not a U of I student. I know that likely means I'm not supposed to be here. But I really do have my reasons. I recently graduated from an out-of-state college and moved to Indy for a job. I'm so used to all the cool and random stuff always going on on a college campus that I'm having trouble finding things to do here. And ways to meet folks/make friends. Oh, and college stuff tends to start after 5 lots of times, thanks to random class schedules. So, I guess what I'm hoping for from this journal are a)suggestions of stuff to do here (not into clubbing/drinking/etc.), b)ideas of how to meet cool people without having the nifty resources of college get-to-know-you events and student organizations, c)what types of interesting things are there that are unique to Indy? Every town/city has them, I just don't know how to find them.

So, if anyone's openminded enough to let a poor out-of-state, off-campus person into your group, let me know! :)
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