Natalie (deafgal01) wrote in uindy,

I'm not sure but I think Circle K will be willing to do this kind of thing as well as other clubs

We are looking for student volunteers to help out during our annual
invitational golf classic being held on Thursday, September 9, from 11-6
at The Country Club of Indianapolis. I realize you may no longer be the
president of your organization, if not, I apologize, and ask if you
could forward this message to the person in charge. In exchange for your
help, we are willing to make a contribution to your organization. If you
are interested or have any questions, please let me know. The only
stipulation is you cannot wear denim and you will need to wear a
collared shirt. We need to get volunteers lined up as quickly as
possible being that this event is next week. Please let me know the
interest as soon as possible. We can work out transportation, etc.
later. Thanks so much!

Valesa Skaggs
Administrative Assistant
Institutional Advancement
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